A blending of two ideas to create a one-of-a-kind outcome

IT - Information Technologies: technical, software, hardware and network design area - rationality.
D - Design: Graphics, Processing and Photographic Services - Creativity.


With over 20 years of experience, we have been providing IT solutions, designing computer networks, and handling graphics processing for both public administration and private companies.

The growth of our work is a result of our creative and functional collaboration with customers, who are the primary users of our services.


We undertake this work with passion and enthusiasm, constantly creating new solutions, researching and implementing new technologies, and capturing images.

Transforming initial ideas into a visually tangible reality.


For us, every customer is an inspiration and an opportunity for even more creative solutions and the introduction of innovative trends.

This translates not only into visual expression but also, and most importantly, into the ongoing development of the management program which provides our customers with complete autonomy.

We are researchers
in the field of design and new technologies

We are constantly seeking innovative solutions to the various demands of a constantly evolving market in order to tailor each of our projects.


Price list


  • from £ 500,00 / annual fee

  • Internet domain name
  • 5 mailboxes
  • 500 MB Space Hosting
  • Data Saving
  • Customized graphics
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  • from £ 60.00 / h

  • Computer security
  • Computer Forensics
  • Designing networks
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Software Development
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    We create

    We are passionate about new ideas, the spark of life, and dynamic energy. We put all of our passion into our work, making each creation unique, distinct, and innovative.

    We keep an eye on the future

    Technology evolves rapidly and we strive to keep up with the times, always looking towards the future to anticipate it with innovative solutions. Choose us to stay ahead of the curve.

    We seek a solution

    In today's digital age, effective communication is crucial. The internet has made it possible for people to connect regardless of physical distance. We can provide you with the best solutions to promote yourself online, and establish a secure and efficient IT infrastructure.

    Our Customers


    IT&D is a seasoned company with over 20 years of experience in the field of high-tech product research, development, and study. It is powered by a team of experts in information technology and design who work in harmony to offer services and products to a discerning and innovation-minded client base. IT & D STUDIO LTD is a versatile company that can provide interactive, user-friendly and highly adaptable Internet portals. The company's approach to web design and development allows them to offer a customizable, manageable and long-lasting product. IT & D STUDIO LTD is a specialist in the implementation of e-business systems and solutions for small and medium-sized businesses, professional firms, and e-government services for public administrations.

    • company and public administration web portals
    • consultancy
    • computer forensics and information security
    • IT infrastructure design
    • Development of .NET DB Oracle and SQL Server applications





    New Multiplatform Graphics Release

    We now offer new, responsive graphics for all our customers that are tailored and suitable for any type of website or portal.




    Company relocation

    We relocated from Italy to England to explore different requirements and stay updated with the latest technologies.

    Update in progress...


    Public Administration

    We are currently developing new graphics for public administration portals that will be compatible with multiple platforms. As a valued customer, you will receive this update free of charge.



    The infrastructure that supports the web service is constructed to guarantee seamless operation through the use of load-balancing systems and clusters situated in various countries across Europe.



    We are continually improving our products and services to provide our customers with a comprehensive and cutting-edge experience.


    IT&D Studio srls

    E-mail: info@itedstudio.co.uk